Thailand Living and Breathing – What I’ve Learned So Far –

We did it. We made it to Chiang Mai in one piece and with our sanity in tact.


Those Tricky Airlines Airlines… What You Should Remember

I ended up getting stuck in Miami and having a few unplanned adventures with my family. I won't lie, it was a blast but since this did happen at the end of our trip, I will share with you a few helpful tips that may help you out on your next travel adventure, whether it be for work or for pleasure.

My Travel Side Kick – The Backpack

I have been on the look out for a travel backpack that wouldn't way me down and that keeps me organized while on the go. I was so sick of being that person at the airport who had to search through their bag to find my passport, liquids bag and basically everything that's required while flying!

Needing a Good Book? Look No Further..

Who doesn't love a good book that pulls you in and makes you want to travel all the places that the characters went?

Gotta Start Somewhere!

We all find ways to rationalize and justify our past. The little ways we chip away who we don't want to be anymore and the traits we embrace. No one comes with an instruction manual and life doesn't always want to be easy. However, we each have our own story of how we came to be and all those bits of good and bad times create the people we are. Here is a small part of who I am and how I got to this point.

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