We all find ways to rationalize and justify our past. The little ways we chip away who we don’t want to be anymore and the traits we embrace. No one comes with an instruction manual and life doesn’t always want to be easy. However, we each have our own story of how we came to be and all those bits of good and bad times create the people we are. Here is a small part of who I am and how I got to this point.

Growing up in a small town always makes you yearn for the bigger and better and I followed that stereotype all the way home. I couldn’t sit still in class which didn’t help my attendance. I never really found anything that made me really want to find a career in the direction that college would take me so I moved out of state, found a well paying job and let my resume grow.

Cue the handsome boy that took my hand and showed me a whole new world. Just kidding. I couldn’t let this go on without throwing at least one Disney reference in there. He is everything I’m not. Which, ended up being more than I could have asked for because that’s how we got started on this new adventure. He has wonderful ideas and craves more. I was (and sometimes still am) comfortable in my little box of unchanging events. He has helped be out of that empty space and helped me see what this world has to offer.

I would have never chosen Thailand as a place of travel or even the place that I wanted to live for the next six months, not because it isn’t beautiful but because I actually knew very little (if anything) about this country. Chase came home one day and said, “Let’s move to Thailand.” He gave me the reasons and the facts and before he could finish, I was already on board. He had discovered a way that we could have a passive income and be location independent. It involved creating and owning an online business. Owning a business – who would have thought that I could own and take care of a business. With the help of my very talented husband, of course! It’s happening though and this is just the beginning of everything that can be accomplished. I’m not so antsy and bored anymore. I know this path is going somewhere and I have control of it.

So onto Thailand we go! But first a little vacation in the tropical Dominican Republic.