Who doesn’t love a good book that pulls you in and makes you want to travel all the places that the characters went?

I am a huge fan of any book that pulls in historical facts and then creates a whole new believable world for me to enjoy. Gothic castles, historical fiction, romance, suspense, the classic said-to-be vampire Dracula and a bit of detective work – this novel has more than you could even ask for. So it wasn’t a surprise that I fell deeply in love with The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. She takes you all over eastern Europe and describes the racing of every day life from Dracula’s time period to the 1970’s so well that you can almost hear the heart beat of the cities, see clearly the stone structures, smell the incense burning in the monasteries and feel the cool eyes of Dracula on your skin.

This one book has given me so many cities and countries to add to my bucket list. Starting with Dracula’s home country of Romania to the very popular city, Paris. There isn’t a place in this book that I wouldn’t want to travel and I think this book is what truly made me want to see the parts of the world that I had only been able to be a part of through my imagination.

If you are looking for a wonderful read and a way to fuel your motivation for finding a way to explore the world, I would in a heart beat, recommend The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.