I have been on the look out for a travel backpack that wouldn’t weigh me down and that keeps me organized while on the go. I was so sick of being that person at the airport who had to search through their bag to find my passport, liquids bag and basically everything that’s required while flying! My shoulders and back were sore before I had even reached my connecting flight and that made for one unhappy traveling companion.

After a bit of online researching, I found the Gregory Mountain Compass 30 Day Pack. That’s a mouthful, right? I know! But this backpack, being a mountain backpack, is actually a life saving travel side kick! Basically killing two birds with one stone because I can now take this while on the go AND when my husband and I go mountain climbing or hiking. Which, is actually a bit more often now. THANK GOODNESS.

However, I was still a bit skeptical about this backpack when it arrived. It has lots of zippers and I was sure that all the areas for storage would just confuse me but it actually did the opposite! I was able to assign areas for all my items. A perfectly suited place for my laptop, my need quickly items like my passport and boarding passes, and basically perfect storage compartments for all my traveling necessities.

So to try this baby out, I took it with me to the Dominican Republic. Two words: LIFE SAVER. Traveling has never been easier for me. I was that girl who couldn’t find anything and annoyed everyone. Now I am the girl who whizzes through airports and I am now an organization master! All because of my Gregory Mountain Compass 30 Day Pack.

Lets wrap this up so that we can bring a bit of zest back into your travels! If you are like me and want your traveling experience to be more than you being a pack mule, try this baby out. It has saved my mood, life and my back!