Lord knows that finding an airline and a flight can take days upon end and may sometimes cost you just about an arm and a leg. So, after all of this work, how awful would it be if your airline delayed your flight for hours and then cancelled near midnight without offering an olive branch for all the troubles that have occurred. I ended up getting stuck in Miami and having a few unplanned adventures with my family. I won’t lie, it was a blast but since this did happen recently, I will share with you a few helpful tips that may help you out on your next travel adventure, whether it be for work or for pleasure.

Let’s Begin: Always research your airline before you book your flight! This is key to the survival of your voyage. Make sure that your airline is reliable, takes care of their customers if a flight is delayed, cancelled, or if you miss your flight, and of course, the safety of this airline. It is better to pay a little extra for a flight that has excellent customer service so that you are cared for in any situation. Look at the customer reviews. They will tell you everything you need to know about your airline. The more good reviews… the better! I would suggest flying Delta, Virgin America or United Airlines. I have had great experiences with all three but go with the one that suites your needs.

The Time To Book: Those red eye flights and evening flights may seem like the better option because you get a full day of work in before you leave while even catching a bit of sleep on the way. However, these flights are my worst enemy because they are usually the last flight out and if you miss this flight or if it’s cancelled, you may end up sleeping in one of those comfortable airport chairs and waiting until a seat opens on whatever plane they can fit you on. So take an early flight. This way if the first flight has any issues, there is one ready to fly out within a few hours.

There are many things that you should look for while choosing your airline and flight but these are my top tips to remember while planning your travels.
Let me know if you have had any interesting flights, better airlines or any tips and tricks that you have come across!