Hello! I’m Madison. I’ve been around for about 22 years and I’ve been married to the handsome man below for almost two years. Happily married but afraid to get stuck in a boring wheel of normalness, we chose to become ‘digital nomads’ and take our life on the road.

Chiang Mai, Thialand is our first stop and our next home for the following six months! We are going to be blogging, vlogging, tweeting and everything else we can do in order to document this adventure. I want to be able to share my experiences, advice and must-haves with you so that I might be able to a bit spark of travel curiosity inside your soul.

If you have any questions or tips for me, feel free to contact me! I am available on all social media platforms and I am also always checking my email!


Email: madi.esplin@gmail.com

Twitter: madihalt

Instagram: madihalt